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Louvre windows consist of glass blades set into aluminium or plastic frames.  The glass in the aluminium frames is often loose and the metal can be easily bent to release the glass.  Whilst the plastic framed type is a little more secure, the glass blades can be snapped and pulled out.  This type of window is therefore a high security risk and must be secured.  There are several methods that can be used to secure this type of window, but there are no specific locks that I would recommend.

The best advice is to install a security grille on the inside of the window if you want to keep it or simply replace the window, preferably with one that is certificated to PAS 24 2012 (Formerly BS 7950).  Some insurance companies will require you to glue the glass blades to their metal frames using an epoxy resin.  If they require this then you must do it to ensure you are covered.  

Replacing the louvre as suggested above is however the best security option.

What is a secure window?

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