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Putting a sign on the door to discourage callers is plain old commonsense and is one of those effective situational crime prevention measures that do actually work.  I bought two signs from the local DIY centre.  One says ‘No sales; I do not buy anything at the door’ and the other one says ‘No free newspapers or leaflets – thanks’.   I’d like to put up further signs, but my wife reckons I’m fast becoming like the Victor Meldrew character.  The fact is that signs put off some people.  I certainly get a lot less calls at the door since I put my signs up.

See also Bogus Callers (Sub-heading 'Put up Signs') where you can download and print off a sign

True story

I had a knock on the door the other day from a young, pushy sort of chap representing a double glazing company.  

Apart from the fact that I’ve only recently had all my windows replaced I said to him “Didn’t you see the sign? I do NOT buy anything at the door”. 

“I’m not selling anything; I’m making appointments to see our surveyors” came the rather cocky reply. 

So then I said “Don’t tell me, your surveyors aren’t selling anything either.” 

“That’s right, they don’t sell anything either”, he replied.

“So who’s going to sell me your windows?” said I (now finding myself having a conversation I really didn’t need.) 

“The salesman.” Came the irritating and obvious reply. 

“But he’ll be knocking at my door though, won’t he?” I retorted with some relish and expectation of victory.

“No; he’ll be writing to you”

“Grrrr!”, I muttered, as I closed the door.