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An elderly lady living near me has a simple door phone from the entrance door to her lounge.  If the doorbell rings she talks to the caller using the phone.  The phone doesn’t do anything else, she still has to answer the door herself, but it’s a rather useful way of dealing with unsolicited callers.  The next step up from this would be to install a video phone.  Again, it doesn’t have to do anything, other than provide you with a means of communication, but what an advantage it would be to actually see the caller before you tell them to go away!

You can go the whole hog and install a video door entry phone and access control system that will enable you to talk to the caller and then press the button to let them through the door once you are satisfied as to their identity.  This form of access control is particularly useful for someone who is disabled or who lives in a flat on the top floor of a converted house. If you live in a block of flats it is likely that you will already be familiar with access control.   

If you would like the benefits of a door phone or feel that a full access control system for your entrance door is for you we recommend that you contact a company that specialises in access control and is a member of the British Security Industry Association or a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.