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This website includes many pages of home security advice, but I should first bring your attention very specifically to this website's Home Security Survey Application. Once you have completed the survey our system will generate a report and risk assessment score that is tailor-made for your home. The report will provide links to other pages on this website to get more detailed advice. The service is free to use and is anonymous. If you choose to download the security report to your own computer your email address will not be used again for any other purpose (we operate a strict privacy policy). Fortunately, the survey already caters for homes located in the countryside. 

If home security is a new and unknown subject to you or you’re not quite sure where to start may I suggest you begin your investigations by going to How to start securing your home. This page will show you where you can get help and sets out a simple priority list for you to follow. To get you started and for your convenience here is the simple priority list: 

  • Make sure you are complying with everything that your insurers have demanded. This is very important as certain security measures will be a condition of your insurance cover
  • Do those 'no' or 'low cost' items, such as locking tools away, marking your property, closing and locking the doors and windows properly, not displaying the contents of your home to the street by using blinds and nets etc.
  • Do what you can to make your place look occupied when it's not, such as buying some timers or 'dusk to dawn' sensors for your internal and external lights and following the Holiday Checklist should you be away for a few days
  • Look at the things you can do to reduce access to the more vulnerable parts of your dwelling, such as improving the fences and hedges or maybe erecting a gate to the front of a side driveway
  • Check that the garden is free of tools and other things that could be used to force open a door or window. Lock these things away in a secure shed or other outbuilding.
  • Do consider purchasing an intruder alarm, which the British Crime Survey (Now the Crime Survey for England and Wales) finding strongly suggests is an effective deterrent and consider installing some CCTV cameras, some of which can work in conjunction with your alarm
  • If you're thinking about replacing your doors and windows, (subject to listed building consent) do get ones that are certificated to the enhanced security standards (e.g. PAS 24: 2016).
  • One you've followed a few of the recommendations carry out another home security survey to see how your risk assessment score has changed 

Rural specific crime prevention 

  • External Lighting for a dwelling in a rural setting is a very important aspect of home and personal security since it is very likely that there are very few or a complete absence of street lamps. Read my section on Security Lighting for detailed guidance. The general rule for 'security' lighting is to remember that the light is there to improve the prospects of a criminal and their actions being seen by a responsive witness. This could be you or a neighbour or a passerby. Therefore, think twice about lighting up places that cannot be seen as you could be assisting the criminal.  
  • Consider purchasing an insurance rated safe. Even if a remote dwelling has a police monitored alarm it can sometimes take a long time for the police to respond. A correctly installed security safe can protect the contents for some considerable time.
  • A CCTV camera system (which may be part of an intruder alarm) that can send live and recorded images direct to a mobile phone or tablet may prove to be an invaluable addition to home security in the rural environment. Providing the cameras have been located in the right places the images might provide useful evidence (descriptions, vehicle registrations etc) to pass onto the police and encourage them to attend an incident at your home.
  • Oil tanks are a target in rural communities and there are lots of things you can do to protect them. 

Remember, the above priority list is not intended to deal with all aspects of crime risk. Take note of what your Home Security Report is telling you and spend some time surfing the contents of this website. Also, you can search the content by using the Search Box in the top right-hand side of most pages