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How do you ensure you have the correct security measures for your needs? 

Relying on what you've already got (or haven’t got) or what a sales person, with their own agenda may tell you, is unlikely to be in your best interests.

The Association of Security Consultants (ASC) is a totally independent body with a significant number of specialist consultants covering a diverse range of skills and who are able to offer impartial and non-aligned advice and direction to householders, charities, local and national government, businesses and organisations across the A to Z of security advice.

For domestic householders the ASC specialises in providing cost effective and clearly explained options to optimise your security

Typical requirements include risk surveys, security reviews, compliance with British and European standards, industry best practice, and investigation of failed security measures, expert witness reports and court attendance if required. Individually, ASC members also provide training, personal protection, data protection, stock protection – issues routinely faced by business and individuals throughout the world. 

Individual ASC members have wide experience of police and armed forces matters, including working in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the Russian Federation as well as the more obvious areas.  Many sit on British and European standards committees and technical working groups and are able to advise on the future direction of standards.

Each member has a full profile on the ASC website.

Consultants’ acceptance as ASC members is controlled by a knowledgeable peer membership committee who consider (amongst others) academic qualifications, relevant experience, existing member endorsement and ongoing continuous professional development.

Associates and other categories of membership allow interaction with the ASC, but Full Membership is reserved exclusively for genuinely independent experts.

Full members are normally happy to give an initial brief, verbal or written appraisal of any particular issues faced, without charge. Full Members will also be happy to confirm that they have the relevant expertise - or not -  whereas sales people generally may tend to say ‘yes’ to everything in the hope of a sale.

The Association of Security Consultants website is used to view the various expertises offered and the Secretariat can also assist if required.  Any individual member may be contacted directly if preferred.

Finally, the Association of Security Consultants welcomes feedback from clients on the performance of their experts. The ASC requires all experts to continually meet the highest levels of professionalism.

The ASC’s Code of Conduct

Members of the ASC agree to abide by the following obligations and conditions.


  • Maintain a high standard of work and to act with integrity and impartiality solely in the interests of the client 
  • Maintain confidentiality of information specific to the business of the client. 
  • Accept only those assignments which we consider ourselves competent to carry out personally and/or with the assistance of others who in our judgement are similarly competent and who comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct 
  • Disclose to the client any personal or financial interest, or any other significant circumstances that might involve a conflict of interest 
  • Agree with the client in advance, the objectives and scope of the assignment, the fees or fee basis and other terms and conditions. In the event of subsequent changes to the original brief, to submit a revised proposal to the client for their acceptance 
  • Maintain effective communication with the client and to submit appropriate reports and documents

Current Patrons of the ASC

Lord Peter Imbert, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Lord James Bethell

Lord Brian MacKenzie, former President of the Police Superintendents Association

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach – Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

Comment by The Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Website works closely with the ASC because of its high professionalism and its independence and non alignment with suppliers of products and services. 

When you engage a professional, to confidentially advise you about your security needs, you need to be confident that the consultant can be implicitly trusted to not only provide you with the best advice, but also to work in your interests alone.  In a nutshell, that is what you can expect from a member of the ASC.

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