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With the price of heating oil hitting new highs in the last few years and with 1.5 million households in the UK relying on this fuel to heat their homes it is not surprising that the theft of oil has been on the rise, especially in rural communities.  If you have an oil tank in the garden do heed the following advice to reduce your risks

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  • Check the tank gauges regularly to alert you to any sudden drop in oil level, which might indicate a theft. This action might also help the police in any subsequent investigation by narrowing down the times of the offence
  • You should use physical security devices to protect the filling point, inspection hole and vent and such devices are widely available for purchase on the internet
  • Consider buying an electronic tank gauge, which you can read from inside your home.  These devices send a signal to the gauge which plugs into a socket in the house.  It will not only indicate that the tank needs refilling, but will also set off an alarm should there be a sudden drop in oil level caused by a leak or theft. Some alarms will detect the presence of a person standing by the tank and alert you via an SMS message.  They'll also audibly warn the person to leave the area.
  • Consider enclosing your tank within a locked building, but make sure the tank and building are properly ventilated.  Seek advice from your oil company
  • Restricting access to the tank in the first instance is very important, so make sure your boundary walls and fences are up to the job and lock driveway access gates at night and when you are away
  • If the tank is in a position where it can be seen from the windows of your house or your neighbours’ houses think about installing some solar switched lights.  If there is no increased chance of criminal activity being seen, do not install new lights as these may assist the thief
  • If you intend to reposition the tank locate it to a place where it can be seen from the house and not from the road