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Alarms for outbuildings

There is a huge range of ‘stand alone’ alarms available for outbuildings.  Some will use batteries and others will work from a mains supply via an AC adaptor.  When set off by an intruder they will generate a deafening noise making it unpleasant to remain in the building.  They might also bring yours and your neighbours’ attention to the intrusion and hopefully scare away the intruder.  I have one in my shed. 

In some circumstances you will be able to extend your house alarm to an outbuilding.  Speak to your alarm company about this as it will probably need its own entry exit control panel. (See Gardens, lighting, access and alarms, Alarms and CCTV, Alarms

Closed circuit television in the garden

A surprising number of people now use closed circuit television (CCTV) around their homes and gardens, particularly those with large homes, those with high personal crime risks and those seeking evidence for a repetitious crime or acts of harassment.  

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