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Many houses and blocks of flats have been built with a small porch and a recessed entrance door.  This would have been designed to provide shelter in inclement weather for the residents struggling to find their keys or for visitors waiting for their call to be answered.  Deeply recessed entrance doors can be a problem for the simple fact that a burglar may be able to work away at the door and not be seen from the street.  In inner city areas that suffer from anti-social behaviour, such as street drinking and drug use, a recessed doorway offers opportunity for this behaviour to take place.

Many of us have, for practical reasons, added doors to the entrance to the porch to gain some extra dry storage space to hang the coats and so on, or have even added a new porch.  These measures are good for security and for some detailed ideas on how to deal with severe problems with recessed doorways in blocks of flats go to the main section in this chapter  Recessed doors in houses and blocks of flats