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If your accommodation is on the ground floor then you should secure the door in the same way as that described in  Entrance doors to single occupancy houses .

If your accommodation is above ground floor then your entrance door is likely to open into a hallway and staircase from ground level.  You should secure the entrance door in a similar fashion as that described in  Entrance doors to single occupancy houses , but for fire safety and emergency escape reasons you should use a BS 8621 mortice lock and a BS 8621 rim nightlatch instead, so that you don’t need keys to get out.   If your maisonette has an alternative means of escape then you could use BS 10621 locks instead.  (See  Door locks, hardware and fittings  in this chapter for a fuller explanation of the various British Standards for locks)

As BS 8621 locks have thumb turns on the inside of the door instead of keyways you must ensure that the glass breaking burglar cannot smash glass to access these thumb turns.  This can be achieved by fitting a small gauge grille onto the back of any glazed panel.

You must also discuss your locking arrangements with your insurers to ensure they are satisfied with your additional security measures, because insurers usually specify a 5-lever key operated lock or a BS 3621 lock, which has key operation on both sides. 

Make sure your smoke detectors are working!