The Crime Prevention Website


This section of the website is your gateway to lots of useful references that fall outside of the standard advice pages

The Library and Links

The Library contains links to documents, books and organisations and online available security standards, policies, codes of practice, technical specifications, guides, building regulations and Acts of Parliament.  It also references a wide number of security standards that can be purchased online from others.

Explanation of Security Standards

A little information about what is BSI and LPCB etc.

Calvin's Crime Consultancy

Calvin Beckford, the owner of this website, provides an independent crime prevention consultancy service in London and some of the Home Counties

Association of Security Consultants

An professional body representing a significant number of independent specialist security consultants

Police Crime Prevention Service – a short history

This aspect of policing has had more than its shares of ups and downs.  Find out why and understand why this website is so important to the public and the police service


Not yet available

Legal Information

Not yet available.  Please note that there are numerous references to legislation in the advice pages.  If you’re looking for something specific please use the Search Box at the top of this page.  Please note that I do not give legal opinion.  I get a lot of emails about boundary disputes and can my neighbour do this or that; that sort of thing.  If you have an issue with your neighbour please talk to them about it and if you feel wronged please consult a solicitor or maybe visit your local branch of Citizen's Advice.

Supporters’ Testimonies

This page contains just a small sample of the huge numbers of words of encouragement I’ve been receiving since we launched the site on 7th April 2012.  You’ll find words from top Criminologist Professor ken Pease and former BBC Crimewatch presenter, Nick Ross.

The Joke Store

This page is meant for a little light relief from all the crime problems we suffer from.  I add the odd story and joke now and again and I would welcome accounts from former police officers that demonstrate the often comical side of policing.  Anybody can submit a joke or story.  Send them through using ‘Contact’

Police/Police and Crime Commissioner Websites

Just a simple alphabetical list of all the police and PCC websites.  The ones in blue are linking to this website!