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Most of this website’s sections are packed full of solutions to help you prevent crime problems and I suppose that’s just what you’d expect from a crime prevention website.   This section is rather different though, because it takes a step back to help you better understand the problems you are faced with so that you are more able to identify what solution or solutions you need to use.   

As a Crime Prevention Design Adviser, working for the Met police, I was reasonably well versed in problem solving techniques.  However, I am the first to admit that my mind was particularly refocused on the importance of problem solving when I first met (now retired) Police Sergeant Neil Henson whilst engaged on some real humdinger crime issues in King’s Cross and the West End. 

Neil was one of the first, if not the first ‘problem solving’ police officers in the Met at a time when problem solving was in its infancy.  We parted company around 2004 when I moved on to work for the Association of Chief Police Officers, but after that time Neil went on to become one of the country’s leading experts in the field with bestowed awards falling on him like confetti!  Imagine my delight when we met up recently and he agreed to be the main contributor to this Problem Solving section.

Neil has now contributed all of his intended articles for this section, which have been based on his book on the subject.  I urge you to visit his website at to find out more, and purchase his book ' Who Shares Your Problem? ' on Amazon.

About Neil Henson

Neil is a qualified trainer and has provided training on problem solving and partnership working across the UK and in parts of the USA since 1998.  He holds the following qualifications:

Certificate of Education; Training and Design NVQ D32, D33 Direct and Indirect Assessor and D34 Internal Verifier.

In 2001 he received a Metropolitan Police UK Commendation for Problem Solving for a £2 Million multi agency project.  He was subsequently credited by Calvin Beckford, in the Crime Opportunity Profiling of Streets report in 2005.  In 2003 he was the Winner of the UK Home Office Tilley Award for Organisational Support for Problem Solving.  In 2006 he received a Metropolitan Police Commendation for Mainstreaming Problem Solving and Partnership working across London.  In 2006 he was made an Honorary Kentucky Colonel for contributions to Problem Solving in the Commonwealth State of Kentucky USA and became an authorised trainer for the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, USA. 

He has been a speaker at the UK Problem Oriented Partnership Conferences 2003, 2004 and 2009; the International Problem Oriented Police Conferences 2003 and 2005; Facilitator at the Nordic Problem Solving Symposium in 2006; speaker at the Kentucky Chiefs of Police Convention in 2008 and Scottish Community Safety Conference in 2010.  He has been a judge for Problem Solving for the Home Office in 2004, for Hampshire Constabulary in 2005 and the Metropolitan Police in 2006.  He was credited by Chris William Partnership Advisor, from the UK Local Government Improvement and Development, in 2009.   He was credited in the Office of Community Oriented Policing US Dept of Justice report ‘Reducing Fear of Crime – Police Strategies 2010’: Professor Gary Cordner, Kutztown University.

He is a Director of Sixth Sense Training Limited

Problem solving by Neil Henson

“The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem."   Theodore Rubin - Author  

I have been a Trainer and Advisor in the field for over 15 years and have developed a Problem solving approach called PARTNERS .

It has been designed to be user-friendly and has captured best practice from both the corporate and public sector.  It encourages creative responses to problems while working within a framework based upon well-researched evidence and analysis.  This process and supporting paperwork can be found on our website.

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Share good practice with others

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