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This vast Home Security section provides you with just about all you need to know  to protect your home, garden and property against the thieves and burglars.

The Home Security section is split up into 4 key parts:

Getting started

Can we suggest that you begin by carrying out the on-line Home Security Survey. Although you can't beat the home visit by the local Crime Prevention Officer (CPO), police budget cuts over recent years have meant that this service is not as available as it once used to be. Our Home Security Survey has been designed to almost exactly replicate the CPO visit and what's more you'll be sent a detailed, tailor made assessment report and score immediately you've submitted the anonymous questionnaire; so much more useful than the security checklist you'll find on other sites!  Calvin Beckford, a retired police crime prevention specialist and the author of this website, has carried out literally thousands of home security surveys, so you can be confident that the advice you'll be sent will be both accurate and up-to-date. To find out more click here

Once you've received the report you can work your way through the recommendations by clicking on the links and after you've made the improvements you can carry out a second survey to see by how much your score has improved. 

Looking for some specific advice?

Although this website has been designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate one of the slight downsides with a large information website like this one is finding out about something very specific.  This is why we have included a search facility on each page. Simply type the words you're looking for (e.g 'Front door') into the Search box in the top right-hand corner and let our system do the searching for you.  Our system searches the advice text only.  A separate facility to search News will be added shortly.

Looking for security products and services?

Take a look at our very recently launched DIRECTORY