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Security at night – KOPCAR - a simple locking up routine

Many thousands of burglaries occur each year needlessly in the UK, because either the householders don’t consciously or subconsciously stick to a locking up routine at night, or they do, but make a mistake.

In order to help you and the rest of your family members avoid the nighttime ‘sneak-in’ burglary here’s a simple memory aid for you to learn: - KOPCAR

·       Keys

·       Outside Lights

·       Property

·       Close Curtains

·       Alarm

·       Rest easy


- remove from doors and windows.  Make sure the doors, windows, car, safe and outside buildings are locked at night, before removing the keys even when, for example, you’re in the lounge watching TV. Make sure they can’t be stolen via a cat-flap or letterplate and that everyone in the household knows where the keys are kept in case they are needed in an emergency.

More information: Letter plates (letter boxes) and mail delivery

Outside lights

- make sure they’re on, but only illuminate the places around your home that can be seen by neighbours or people walking by.

More information: The benefits and limitations of external lighting


 - take to bed.  Get into the habit of taking things like car keys, phones, cash, handbags and laptops into the bedroom at night.

Close curtains

or blinds at dusk to make sure thieves can’t see though your windows to see what you’ve got to steal or that you’re on your own.  Close internal doors at night to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.


 - set it if you have one.  Some alarms provide a nighttime setting, allowing some free movement around the home while the alarm is on. Periodically check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

More information: Burglar Alarms Advice

Rest easy

 - now that you’re secured you can relax, but can you phone the police or fire brigade from your bedroom in the event of an emergency?


If you KOPCAR at night you won’t have to call a COP CAR in the morning!

You know it makes sense! 

Obviously, your home will be different from mine, so you may have to create your own checklist. If you can't remember the list of things you need to do each night (or each morning if your place is left unoccupied during the day) then don't be afraid to scribble it all down on a piece of paper and stick on a kitchen cupboard door or something.

Updated March 2016