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We are an ISO 9001 : 15 Certified leading UK manufacturer of polycarbonate double glazed sealed units, anti vandal double glazing and window glazing protection.  We have been researching and devloping our double glazed units since 2006 with rigorous quality control using only the very best in solid polycarbonate material, spacer bar and edge sealants specially formulated for polycarbonate. To ensure strong edge bonding we use our own triple edge sealing technology.  Polycarbonate is a clear unbreakable material that looks like glass, is 250 times stronger than glass and the 'hard coated' abrasion and chemical resistant polycarbonate cleans like glass.  Our units manufactured in 'hard coated' polycarbonate and our anti vandal energy saving units have a 5 year guarantee against permanent misting inside the unit and have been tested for this by a third party independent test house.  All our double glazed units have a 10 year quarantee against breakage.

Our range of polycarbonate double glazed units include general purpose units, abrasion and chemical resistant units and anti vandal energy saving units.  Our anti vandal energy saving units are ideal for replacing broken glass double glazing for home owners and residential property owners.  Our range of units also includes obscure units for privacy and have just included the new georgian wired effect polycarbonate.

OptiGlaze polycarbonate double glazed units have been installed to a detention centre in Exeter, schools in Glasgow, NHS Medical centres in Glasgow, special schools for children, care homes, food factory's, activity centres and also a canning factory for Dole Inc. in the Philippines, as well as many home owners.

We have also designed and developed our own window glazing protection system the prevents existing glass in windows and doors from being broken and smashed by vandals and prevents break in by burglars.  This system includes a slim aluminium glazing profile framed around solid clear polycarbonate sheet that forms an unbreakable barrier.

We also supply solid sheet polycarbonate cut to required size.

Broken glass caused by burglars or vandals can be a thing of the past saving hundreds or thousands of pounds in replacing it.  OptiGlaze double glazing will improve window and door security and aid in crime prevention.

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