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We will help you achieve your goal!

Personal safety and crime reduction are important for all of us. But there is

no need to wait for the bad stuff to happen. You can be proactive and take

sensible steps to equip yourselves with the knowledge and resources to minimise

the risks. And we know just the place where you can get the training

you need. CMA Training – a small but perfectly formed training company.

CMA Training provides a comprehensive range of specialist courses on Personal

Safety and Lone Working, Crime Reduction, Business Crime, Crime

Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), and bespoke Problem

Solving for crime issues.

CMA Training was founded in 2003 by Christine Morrison (B.A. Hons,

P.G.C.E.), who has a proven track record in both public and private sectors,

applying her extensive knowledge of crime reduction and personal safety.

Following a short spell in the world of tourism as a holiday rep in a ski resort,

Christine embarked on a career as a police officer, gaining promotion to the

rank of Sergeant, crime reduction officer, secondary school teacher (modern

foreign languages) and now full-time trainer. Adding various qualifications

to several years training within Police Forces and the Home Office, she

has the skills to add a specialised consultancy service to her extensive range

of courses.

CMA Training is different from other training agencies; commissioned by Police

Forces, Local Authorities, Housing Associations or working directly with

businesses and the voluntary sector, Christine at CMA Training has built an

enviable reputation for delivering high-value training and consultancy. Christine

and other staff at CMA Training draw upon considerable hands-on experience,

and deliver training in a way that is challenging, engaging, rewarding,

informative and interactive. They share their unique experiences and

anecdotes in the training sessions and seminars, thus helping with the retention

of information, the reinforcing of key messages and the application of

practical solutions. At CMA Training all sessions are communicated skilfully in a relaxed atmosphere. The programmes are designed in a way that encourages maximum delegate participation and confidence. This approach not only ensures that training is genuinely bespoke, meeting the needs of the clients, but customer feedback demonstrates that it definitely increases delegate involvement and enjoyment.

One size does not fit all; the training can be designed to fit your needs and

your budget, and can range from an hour-long overview session to in-depth

day workshops. It can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular group

of people – managers, front-line staff, volunteers, office-based staff - and

can be held at a venue to suit you. You can choose the core content and select

additional optional modules such as site-based practical sessions or ongoing

follow-up support to monitor and improve your practices. Certificates

of attendance are available for all course participants if requested.

You are looking at this website so that suggests you already know the value

of this training. Your business can benefit financially - making significant

savings on the costs of theft and damage that directly impact on profits. It

can also help with your staffing costs; actual or threatened violence and aggression

affect people’s health and wellbeing, thus reducing the ability of

staff to do their jobs properly. If a business fails to comply with legal protection

for their people it can be costly; morale and productivity take a

nosedive, and people often leave. If you develop effective systems, sound

working practices and a culture of safety it can benefit you and your organisation

creating peace of mind, greater security and profits.

Put simply, invest in training, regularly review and monitor your practices,

and long-term you could achieve significant savings. It’s a win-win situation.

If you are still not convinced that we are the right people to help you, then

check out our website - It displays an extensive list

of endorsements from a wide range of very satisfied customers, many of

whom now include Personal Safety or Crime Prevention training for their organisations on a regular basis.

Email us at or call us on 07970 961083.

We guarantee a prompt response and can help you find the right training to

suit you and your organisation.

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