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BON-TAG Security Identification

& Theft Deterrent System

Want to protect your treasured Bonsai? Then look no further!

Take the opportunity to invest in your pride & joy, use BON-TAG.

BON-TAG is the world’s first dedicated security identification & theft deterrent system for Bonsai, utilising well established and proven RFID microchip technology, to provide positive identification for ‘Bonsai Trees & Pots’.

BON-TAG is passionate about Bonsai & it’s initiative to provide a bespoke identification & theft deterrent system, and offers a designed system in kit format, its unobtrusive and will give peace of mind that your treasured Bonsai can be positively identified, it takes minutes to fit but will last the life time of the ‘tagged’ Bonsai.

At the heart of the system is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) microchip transponder ‘tag’. Each ‘tag’ is programmed with a unique alpha numeric code during manufacture with over 550 billion ID codes available guaranteeing that no duplication exists for this type of read-only transponder tag. The tag is laser programmed to ensure that the permanent code cannot be altered or erased . Each tag is passive by design requiring no power source so effectively has an unlimited life span, it can be activated by a suitable reader scanner to reveal its unique ID numeric code thus allowing confirmation of ownership of tagged property. The small size of the tag allows it to be covertly installed/implanted within the property to be identified making it ideally suitable for bonsai tree application. For identification of valuable bonsai pots a resin encapsulated pill sized tag is available which can bonded to the pots interior or sealed within a cavity with an adhesive.

In the event that the legal ownership of a tagged Bonsai is in dispute or stolen and recovered, the ownership can be verified by the police or other bonafide holder who has a dedicated scanner reader to reveal the unique ID number.

BON-TAG is available in single and multipack kit options for both tree & pot applications , each dedicated kit comes complete with detailed instructions and contains all that’s necessary to ‘tag’ a tree or pot. Site warning signage and a tamperproof ‘Pot Decal’ are provided to inform potential thieves that your Bonsai are ‘tagged identifiable & traceable’. Once your property has been ‘tagged’ it’s important to record the items specific details, guidance for this process is given by following the instructions with each kit.

BON-TAG is available for all Bonsai enthusiasts, dedicated traders, nurseries and garden centres. Each kit is packaged in a blister pack making it ideally suitable for point of sale display & merchandising

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Although BON-TAG has been initially developed for use with Bonsai the system is flexible and can be transferred for other applications within the garden environment. It can be used for the identification of other plants,ornamental trees,valuable pots & containers, statues, garden machinery etc. Please be aware that it is not intended for use on any livestock,animal,fish or human please read the disclaimer on the website. You can contact us for advice regarding its intended other use.

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