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48A East Street, Newtownards, Northern Ireland, Co. Down, BT23 7EN

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Commander Securities Ltd. is an innovative company based in Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.  They have developed the world's first Pro-Active Alarm system for static oil tanks "TANK COMMANDER ®".  The Tank Commander comes in both high-vis and covert forms.

"ROOF COMMANDER®" is a 'stand alone' roof protection system, protecting against vandalism and metal theft.

 "TANK COMMANDER®" and "ROOF COMMANDER®" are wireless systems designed to deter the thief BEFORE damage or theft occurs by notifying the owner via SMS that the thief is present whilst at the same time, informing the thief that the owner knows they are there.

Both systems use Commander Securities patented "PUSH" technology and have a built in fire sensor.  They can be configured to trigger a siren box and can be linked into other compatible alarm systems.

"ROOF COMMANDER®" is designed to have no visual impact on the external architecture of a building and for unoccupied premises can be powered via a 12v DC battery.

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