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According to the latestConsumer Experience report produced by Ofcom, older landline consumers are those most likely to encounter nuisance and ‘silent’ calls in the UK, with 55% of 65 to 47-year-olds, and 59% of those over the age of 75 reporting having received such calls in the past.

TheCPR Call Blockeris a patented product currently available in two models – the 106 and V201 Care – both of which come pre-programmed with 200 of the most prolific nuisance callers known to theCall Prevention Registry, the largest alternative to theTelephone Preference Servicewith over 650,000 registered users.

Both devices will then let users block the numbers of a further 1000 nuisance callers by pressing the device’s prominent ‘Block Now’ button, which will end the call instantly, with the added satisfaction the caller concerned will never be able to call you again.

The two devices can be used with any type of landline handset, will not obstruct any ADSL-based broadband connections and don’t require an extra power source. If desired, they can be made to block specific area codes, groups of numbers, international and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) numbers, ‘number withheld’ calls and spoof (made up) numbers.

The CPR Call Blocker has been tested under theACPO Secured by Design licence scheme, and is recommended by UK police forces as both a preventative and reactive means of stopping harassing and threatening telephone calls.

As well as stopping unwanted sales calls, the CPR Call Blocker can also play a role in preventing malicious calls, for example in harassment and witness intimidation cases.

According to Alan McInnes, General Manager at Secured by Design,“The CPR Call Blocker is very simple, but meets a need. Nuisance calls are on the increase and this product stops them. Secured by Design supports the creation of new and innovative products such as the CPR Call Blocker.”

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