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The Only automatic light switch timer to fit over an existing wall light switch, without the need for any wiring.

“The problem I personally found with using lamps on timer plugs was that the light given off didn’t look realistic, making it look more obvious that no one was home”, says Naiem Dakri, director of Switched-On Products. “Unfortunately, the timers which fitted onto wall light sockets needed to be wired in, usually by an electrician, which certainly put me off bothering to buy one”.

The new Light Switch Timer is the first timer which simply fits over an existing light switch without the need to replace the light switch or perform any wiring. The unit simply slots over the light switch by the use of an innovative cradle. The battery operated unit can then be programmed to control single, double or triple switches to turn your main lights on and off up to 9 times a day.

This easy-to-install device is perfect for making the house look occupied when you're out late, away on holiday or don't want to come home to a dark house.

  • The only police-approved timer for your lights
  • Installs in one minute and requires no wiring
  • Reduce the risk of burglary
  • Increase sense of safety and security by making your home look occupied
  • Will pay for itself by reducing energy costs as it works with any type of bulb including CFL and LED.

The light switch timer is also great for operating lights as required for elderly or vulnerable individuals and for landscape lighting and external security lights.

“I created Light Switch Timer specifically to act as an effective burglar deterrent for those people who either live alone, don’t return home until the evening or have a holiday planned and want to be sure their house remains safe and secure.”

Available in stores, online via our web site or order easily by phone.

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