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The Hampshire Chronicle has a report from Hampshire Constabulary today appealing for information after fourteen sheds and garages in two villages near Winchester were broken into in just four hours!

The property stolen included fuel containers, power tools, a lawnmower, several bicycles and two sets of golf clubs (worth £2,500)

The two villages were Kings Worthy and Cheriton and if anyone has any information the police are asking them to call 101 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

TCPW Comment:

I highlight garage and shed burglaries quite often on these news pages simply because they are so very common. Unfortunately my Home Security Survey data tells me that things are not so good when it comes to us securing our outbuildings

Here’s the latest findings from the survey:

Question: How well secured is the garden shed?

Very well secured            15%

Quite well secured           47%

Not that well secured       38%

I also know from the data that respondents are generally overestimating their home security, so I would estimate that at least 50% of our sheds and (probably) garages are far from secure.

So, if you haven’t got anything planned this weekend, how about taking a long hard look at your outbuildings.  Try to imagine being the thief.  How would you break in?

Follow this link for advice:

Source: Hampshire Chronicle

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