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Cumbria Police are warning people to be security conscious when out in the garden.

Yesterday (24 July 2014) a woman in Workington was out sunbathing in the garden. When she went back into the house, she realised that a number of items had been be taken whilst she was outside.

The items included a mobile phone and jewellery. Police are continuing to make enquiries.

Following this recent incident, police are reminding people to make sure that they keep their front doors and windows locked if they are out in the garden as they will be unable to hear if anyone enters their home.

Also if you have people around for a BBQ, don’t leave the front door open to allow them ‘just to walk in’. Lock the door and get them to ring you or set a specific time for when they should arrive.

Leaving your door open for friends or family can also be an open invitation to opportunistic thieves. Remember, lock it or lose it.

If you see anyone behaving suspiciously, please report it to Cumbria Police on 101.

TCPW Comment:  I think it’s always worth running these stories from time to time, because they are so blinking common at this time of year.  The sun is out; it’s hot and windows get opened.  The barbecue beckons and before you know it everyone’s having a good time out the back.  And that’s when the opportunist strikes!

You can buy restrictors for windows or fit grilles to allow some ventilation with security, so have a think about that if you’re a window opener like me.  Otherwise you’ll need to rely on your memory and if it’s anything like mine.....well!

Source: Cumbria Police Press release 24 July 2014

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