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Many of you are just about to go on your exciting summer holidays and I’ve no need to remind you that you’ve picked one of the busiest weekends to fly from all of our UK airports, so good luck! 

On the BBC news this morning airport operators were suggesting you get there 3 hours before your flight due to the rush and a few extra security checks they conducting (make sure your electronic items, including your phones, are fully charged).

Being a crime prevention website I would also suggest you give yourself a little extra time to make sure you’ve done everything you can to secure your home.

The easiest thing to do is to print of my Holiday Security Checklist and keep it with the rest of your holiday paperwork.  Work your way down the list and then check through it again before you drive away from the house.

Doing this will go some way to ensuring that you come home with a tan, some presents, a few mosquito bites and some great memories and not to a note from the police asking you to contact them upon your return.

Have a great time!

Holiday Security Checklist

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