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Some of you may know that my eldest son, Ben (who looks after this website), is the lead computer programmer at Chris Curd Design Ltd.  What you won’t know, because we’ve all been sworn to secrecy, is that he’s a game designer and developer for Boondoggle Studios as well!

Over the past several months Ben and his colleagues have been burning lots of candles from all three ends to design, program and produce Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks game to coincide with the much awaited Monty Python Live (mostly) at The O2 Arena, London starting on 1st July

As you can imagine I am immensely proud of my son’s achievement and find it amazing that he’s been involved in the design and development of a game, the theme of which is something that I loved so much when I was a boy – whoever would have thought it!

The game begins with John Cleese sitting at his desk in the ministry and then, to the sound of the well-known Monty Python theme tune, the action begins.  Lots of weird walks and leaping over obstacles and street furniture ensue, including some liberal use of an official ministerial umbrella and plenty of sound effects by the great John Cleese himself!

It’s a great game; it’s great fun and is suitable for all ages and you can get it right now.

Please download it using the links below and if you love it then give it a review too.

Well done to Ben and the team for a game so worthy of the great Monty Python name

That’s ma boy!!!!!!!!!!


Official Trailer:
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