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This year’s Neighbourhood and Home Watch Week starts tomorrow, 14 June and runs through to 22 June.

The theme for this year’s events is Fraud and Cybercrime and the national organisation has produced lots of downloadable resources for their members and supporters to use during the nine days of activity. The downloadables include a ‘Stop Fraud’ poster complete with some mean looking eyes.

Fraud and cybercrime are the big growth areas for crime and are set to be that way for the foreseeable future, so it’s great to see the neighbourhood watch movement focussing their efforts in this direction.

Although there is a set theme the organisers recognise that some Neighbourhood and Home Watch schemes will be focussing on the crime issues that are particularly important to them.

Whatever activities you’re planning we wish you every success and hope that people reading this who are not directly involved with their local watch will be able to pop along to their local events and show their support.

I see they’re also holding their annual awards ceremony on 20 June 2014 from 11am - 3:15pm at the Church House Conference Centre, Deans Yard, Westminster, so Good Luck to the nominees!

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