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With the weather set to stay warm and muggy, West Mercia Police is taking steps to get local residents to make sure their homes are not left vulnerable to opportunist burglars.

Officers and PCSOs are patrolling in South Worcestershire on the lookout for properties where doors and windows have been left open and are highlighting the problem with homeowners.

When no one is at home, they are leaving a postcard warning their home has been left insecure and they need to take action to stop it. The eye-catching cards, which include some basic tips on home security, were funded by the South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership.

Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Williamson, said: “We want to make sure people take every step to avoid becoming a victim of sneak-in burglars because the crime has such an impact on people’s sense of security.

“Our message is clear: When the weather is warm, please make sure you lock your unattended doors, patio doors and windows, even if you are only outside in the back garden.

“Whenever we get warm weather, the number of burglaries go up because thieves take advantage of easy pickings such as an unlocked door or an open window.”

Burglary figures have been on the rise in recent weeks in the South Worcestershire area – Worcester, Malvern Hills and Wychavon. There were 54 burglaries in April, compared to the monthly average last year of 42* and many of these have been at unsecured properties.

DCI Williamson added: “In response to the increase, we have stepped up our efforts to target burglars, which includes additional specialist roads policing officers patrolling effected communities in unmarked cars as well as the main routes in the county known to be used by travelling criminals.

“We want to give the clear message to criminals, ‘Don’t bother coming to Worcestershire; and we need the public to help us by securing their homes.”

TCPW Comment: Hot weather (when we actually get some!) always results in some additional ‘sneak-in’ burglaries and thefts from the garden and shed and what’s going on in Worcestershire is likely to be happening around the rest of the UK. 

If you’re in the habit of leaving windows open at the back and front of the house for a bit of a blow through breeze (when you’re at home), think about fitting a grille on the inside of the front window’s frame, or maybe even a concertina gate to give you the best of both worlds – fresh air and security! But always close and lock the windows when you go out.

Home Security Advice on this website starts here:

Advice on Grilles and gates can be found here:

Home security advice from West Mercia Police:

*In the crime year of April 2013 to March 2014, 508 burglaries occurred. This was a reduction of 27% compared to the previous year, when there were 699.

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