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West Mercia Police are investigating a series of metal gate thefts from properties in Herefordshire.

A total of 12 metal gates were stolen from properties in Hereford City and the village of Lugwardine between Wednesday 22 January and Friday 31 January.

From Lugwardine:

  • 1 Victorian wrought iron garden gate valued at £300 was taken between 11pm and 23 January and 12.30am on Thursday 23 January
  • 1 cast iron gate valued at £100 was taken around the same time.
  • 1 white coloured wrought iron gate, valued at £400, was stolen between 11pm on the Wednesday and 10am the following day.

From Hereford

  • 4 metal gates were stolen in Whitecross Road between 2.30pm on Tuesday 28 January and 11am on Wednesday 29 January.
  • 2 gates were taken in Edgar Street from 6pm on Monday 27 January and 6am of Wednesday 29 January.
  • 2 metal gates were stolen from Barr’s Court Road between 6.30pm on Thursday 30 January and 11am on Friday 31 January
  • 1 gate was taken in Grandstand Road between 6pm on Sunday 26 January and 9am on Monday 27 January. The gates in Hereford are valued from £30 to £200 each.

Sergeant Emma Freer from Herefordshire police said: “The thefts in Lugwardine all happened on the same night in the same area and we urge anyone who heard anything or saw any suspicious behaviour or an unfamiliar vehicle to contact us.

“The gate thefts in Hereford all happened within a week and we are linking these crimes.

“Any information that could help us to locate the stolen gates and track down those responsible can be passed on by calling the non emergency number 101 and asking for police in Herefordshire.”

Alternatively information can be passed on anonymously by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or completing its online form by logging on to

TCPW Comment:

Having read this story I went on a short walk along my street to see how many of my neighbours’ gates could get pinched and you perhaps won’t be surprised to discover that I found rather a lot! 

Garden and path gates help to define the boundaries of a property and create an area of semi-private space in front of the dwelling.  Some gates are obviously used as a real security barrier, such as the ones that stop people getting into the back garden from the side or rear of the house.  So for whatever reason you might have one they are an important part of an overall security arrangement for the home.  Therefore, if we’re going to put a new gate in place, shouldn’t we be thinking seriously about how the gate is secured to its post?  

If you have a gate that can be simply lifted from its brackets (Yes, you’d better go and take a look!) then I would recommend getting a locksmith along (or getting your tools out) to see if some improvements can be made to the hinges.  Depending on the material it might be possible to weld a lump onto the bottom of some hinge pins or maybe fit a split pin, or perhaps reverse fit one of the brackets with the gate in place or even fit entirely new hinges and brackets.  I know some of the cheap steel gates might not warrant the extra expense, but the ornate cast and wrought iron ones certainly do, judging by the cost to replace them!

CHECK YOUR GATE! – So you have something to close when the horse has bolted

You know it makes sense!

Master Locksmiths Association:

Source West Mercia Police

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