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I was recently contacted by the authors of the following press release, which gives early news about a novel idea to reduce shoplifting.  Rather timely, since shoplifting has reached its highest levels for nine years.  This is a campaign in the making, so do visit their LinkedIn page for progress. 

Press Release from Shop-it Ltd

In 2014/15 Shop-it Ltd is going to attempt an unprecedented approach to theft prevention. We are going back to the beginning; a time when shoplifters are born.  

The Idea  A Virtual Treasure Hunt / CyberQuest; an online game for school children aged 12 – 15 years.  The game will serve as an important theft prevention campaign with the serious messages that retail crime, especially shoplifting, is not a good life choice, it harms our economy, it costs every family and more importantly, a youngster with a criminal record for theft will struggle to find a job.

Teams of one or more from schools in England & Wales (possibly UK) will use clues and puzzles to find the answers by visiting educational, fun and especially retail, loss prevention and security websites to win prizes for their team and a main prize for the winner’s school. Shop-it Ltd is aiming to launch the game just after the start of the new school year in 2014.

For the campaign to be successful we will need the participation of the security & retail communities and the support of police and policy makers.

A website for business use is currently being created and will be coming to a screen near you soon.

Until then, if you are a member of LinkedIn, you can visit our new Shop-it Company Page,  which will give you the latest details on our proposed campaign. Alternatively please email:, or telephone Mark Gamble on 07907 253 830.

Retail Crime – Together we can Shop-it!

End of Press Release

Shop-it Ltd LinkedIn page:

Shop-it Ltd Website:  Under Construction


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