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Police in Shropshire are appealing for help from the public as they investigate an unusual burglary that occurred near Market Drayton. The incident occurred in Tern Hill on Tuesday 21 January.

At around 6.45pm an elderly couple suddenly became aware that three unknown men had entered their home in Garden City through the rear door.

The couple – a man and woman in their 60s - confronted the men and one of them said they were chasing some people and that they had come into the house.

Two of the men continued to talk to the couple but one of the men then made his way upstairs while he thought the couple were distracted.

However, the elderly man saw the third man make his way upstairs and immediately picked up his walking stick and threatened the men with it. He made his way upstairs and asked the man – who was searching through cupboards – to also leave immediately.

A police spokesman said: “Thankfully, when the elderly man picked up his walking stick and asked the three men to leave they all decided to take note of his warnings and flee the scene. The three men ran back out of the rear door where it seems a fourth man had been waiting for them.

“The men all then made off on foot and were not seen again. The elderly couple – who although shocked did not suffer any physical injuries as a result of this incident - immediately called the police and an investigation was launched.”

Police are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the Garden City area yesterday afternoon, especially anyone who may have seen the four men.

They are described as being white and in their early 20s, while two of them are thought to have had Irish accents. All three men were wearing dark clothing and hats.

Anyone who believes they may have information that could aid the investigation into this incident is asked to call police in Shropshire on 101, quoting incident number 585S 210114. Alternatively, please remember that Crimestoppers can be called anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you’d rather leave information without identifying yourself.

TCPW COMMENT:  This incident must have been very frightening for the victims so let’s hope the culprits are caught!

We don’t know for certain, but it is very likely that the back door was unlocked and these suspects just walked in. 

This type of method to gain entry is happening far too often and yet it is one of the easiest things to prevent.  Please keep your back door locked, even when you’re at home and even during the daytime.  Keep the key nearby in case you need to use the door in an emergency or fit a bolt for daytime use if you’re uneasy about using a key. 

Just think how many crimes could be prevented by following this simple advice!

Source West Mercia Police:    

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