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Over the next few weeks I shall be messaging a great many websites inviting their operators to reciprocally link with us.  There are lots of reasons for doing this (in fact there are 10), but I suppose the main reason is that I want to get my messages and advice out to as many people as I can this year.

I will be mainly concentrating on contacting Neighbourhood Watches that I have not contacted before along with a few police services that have yet to hear from me.  I’m not expecting a stampede in my website’s direction, but I might experience a dainty trot – you never know.

“How can I help you” I hear you say!

Well, thank you, and as you’ve asked, here are few practical and simple things that will make a big difference:

  • If you work for a police force or other organisation involved in preventing crime that is not linking to The Crime Prevention Website please could you approach the boss and or the people in charge of the website and see if you can make this happen. We would obviously reciprocate and link back and we would be happy to publicize any crime prevention campaigns they might be running.
  • Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet our tweets and tweet our news stories
  • Like our Facebook page and add a comment or two
  • Add a comment or two to our daily news stories here
  • Encourage people to take our free and confidential Home Security Survey
  • Put a poster up at your place of work
  • Send us some words of encouragement, which we can post up on our testimonials page
  • Have a go at contributing to the advice content on the website by using 'Feedback on this page'

And I’ve come up with some slightly more strange ideas too!

  • Climb to the top of a tall building and shout “Visit the Crime Prevention Website Dot Com” down to the people walking by on the footway below.
  • In the summer get together with the neighbours and hold a Home Security Survey BBQ and compare the security reports over a few beers and drumsticks or veggie burgers
  • Hang a sign around your neck displaying the website address as you walk to work
  • If your car is dirty write the website address onto the back of the car with your finger (White van drivers take note!)

On a serious note however it would be great if you could just mention the website to people when you get a chance and thank you very much to all of our supporters who’ve already been doing these things.

Calvin and Ben

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