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According to a report in the on-line Daily Gazette (Essex) 22 homes are being burgled every day in Essex, 12 per cent up from the previous financial year - a total of 7,883.

The report goes onto say that Essex police are running several operations to combat this increase, particularly since November is statistically the worst month for burglary.

These operations include additional patrols in areas which have seen a higher incidence of burglary and targeted crime prevention advice to people living in hotspot areas.  The police are also carrying out further ‘Operation Talon’ days where they set up checkpoints on the county’s transport network to deny burglars and travelling criminals the use of the roads. Similar operations are being out throughout the UK, because we’ve entered the peak time for this type of crime.

Although the risk of burglary in Essex is considerably lower than it was back in the mid 1990s this year-on-year rise should act as a warning to all of us not to rest on our laurels when it comes to our home security arrangements.

Please use the free Home Security Survey application on this website to test your level of security and then follow the links in the free report you’ll be sent to see what you need to do.

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