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I sincerely hope you weren’t badly affected by the storm last night, but on looking out of my upstairs window this morning I suppose I wasn’t too surprised to see that some of my neighbours’ fence panels are now languishing horizontally upon their lawns.

Fortunately we escaped this type of damage, possibly because we were a) lucky or b) because our fence panels are well anchored into concrete posts or c) a combination of both!

I rather expect the DIY and garden centres will be busy this week and so if you have to visit one of these places because your fence was blown to bits can I suggest you use this opportunity to add a little extra security at the same time.

There’s a large section on this website devoted to garden boundaries and as you’re going to be getting the tools out to make the repairs anyway, now seems like a good time make those security improvements.

You know it makes sense!

Garden boundaries, fences and defensive plants:

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