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Earlier today I published a news story about our new Security Products and Services Directory. 

Well I am delighted to announce that the first product to go into the Directory and to be associated with this website is myBunjee® a clever little device, which simply slips over one end of your mobile phone and prevents it from falling to ground and breaking.  Obviously there is a crime prevention advantage here as well, because the coiled bunjee that connects your phone to your jacket, belt loop or bag/handbag will also make it more difficult to steal.

In fact, Leicestershire police purchased a quantity of the myBunjee® phone clips and issued them to clubbers in the city to reduce phone thefts in night clubs.

I’m waiting for mine to arrive in the post and I know my family will be arguing about whose going to be the first to try it out! I think we’ll have to choose straws!

What’s also a little unusual about this new product is that its inventor, Emma Jones , appeared on Dragon’s Den with the product where her pitch gained unanimous support.  After some thought Emma chose to work with Peter Jones.

You can view the products on the myBunjee® website and view their cracking promo video.

myBunjee® website:

myBunjee® on TCPW Directory:

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