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I watch the news every morning and was a bit miffed to have missed the fact that this week is Hate Crime Awareness Week, which started 12 October and runs through to Saturday 19 October.

The organizers and charity, 17-24-30, are encouraging us to paint the town purple in an act of remembrance of those affected by hate crime. And importantly, 17-24-30 is asking venues to decorate themselves purple and to work in partnership with local organisations, the voluntary sector, police and councils to promote the work that is being done to tackle local hate crime issues.

Their website, ‘No to Hate Crime’ is packed full of ideas showing you what you can do and how to raise money to help fight against these insidious crimes and you can download posters and flyers to promote your event.

You can sign up to the Facebook events they have set up here:

17-24-30 represents the dates that the three London nail bombs were planted, 17th April - Brixton Market, Brixton, 24th April – Brick Lane and the 30th April - the Admiral Duncan, Soho.

Please do what you can to support the event and I’m sorry I missed the start of this important week.


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