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The increased affordability of a private CCTV camera system, combined with its relative ease of installation, has seen a huge increase in its use around private homes in recent years.  This has inevitably led to an increase in complaints about privacy, normally from the neighbours of the dwellings where private systems are in use.  The complaints invariably relate to the field of view of the cameras, where there is some overlapping of a neighbour’s garden or a public footpath or road.  

Consequently, Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Andrew Rennison, has indicated that the government is likely to introduce new guidance for the public regarding the use of private CCTV systems in the next year or so.   

In an interview with The Telegraph Mr Rennison said “People put systems up for very good reasons. I will probably in the next year or so be publishing guidance to help people with that because although it is outside of the code of practice [for public CCTV systems] I think it is an area where people do want further advice.”

TCPW Comment: There are lots of good reasons for installing CCTV around your home and it’s not always to deter the burglars and thieves.  Some people, who are unfortunate enough to live next to ‘the neighbour from hell’, have used recorded images of their neighbour’s behaviour in legal proceedings. Others refer to the recordings to see if ABC actually did try to deliver the parcel at the time arranged!  Any new ‘rules’ introduced by the government will inevitably add restrictions to their use and so if you’re considering cameras for your own home now think very carefully about what you want the system to do and where you’re going to aim the cameras.  Unless you have agreement from your neighbours we would advise you to keep the field of view within the boundaries of your property.

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