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Back at the end of January I received a very pleasant email from Nick Ross congratulating me on the success of The Crime Prevention Website.  In the same message he let me know that his new book, ‘Crime’, would be published in May and hoped that it would be ‘music to my ears’  as it would be ‘setting out the case for crime prevention very much along the lines on which you have devoted much of your professional career’.

Well, having read all the freebie stuff on Amazon and also on Nick’s website for the book it is plainly evident to me that the case he sets out for preventing crime is precisely the one that I would both support and encourage. I recognise so many of the studies he references in his exploration of the theories of crime and I already know that what he’s going to say is going to make some people rethink their old ideas and make others feel a tad uncomfortable, something which the truth often does.

After some earnest negotiation about my upcoming Father’s Day gift I know that my copy is already winging its way to me in some big white van and will soon be ensconced next to my favourite chair ready for the big read - over just a couple of sittings if I can get away with it.

If you are interested to learn the truth about crime and what impacts it and also want to appreciate how prevention rather than detection is the sustainable cure, then you’ve simply got to get hold of your own copy, which is waiting for you somewhat impatiently in all good high street and on-line bookshops and on Kindle.    

So it’s my turn to congratulate Nick Ross and I do so with much enthusiasm and thanks!

Website for the book:

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