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Stephen Armson-Smith, crime prevention expert and friend from Essex Police, has just published this useful list of websites where you can find independent crime prevention advice.

Here it is and what he’s got to say about the various sites:

Sources of Crime Prevention Advice on the Internet

We are quite often asked “where can I find crime prevention advice myself and how can I ensure that a trader is reliable”.

For those of you wishing to source your own information and have access to the internet I have listed a few web links below for crime prevention advice, but of course there is still the 101 Police Non-Emergency number available: - a wealth of advice on different subjects, we have recently updated the Home Security section. - you can report various incidents to the police online. - Crime maps of your local area, advice and more. - Very good nationwide independent website run by a retired “Met” Crime Prevention Officer. My monthly crime prevention articles are also published here under the “News” heading. - One of many information sheets by this organisation…..look carefully and you will find my quote.

There are also a number of organisations that provide security advice relating to that specific subject area such as and in the search box typing in “Garden Security”.

And a reliable trader?

Where possible have a word with family and friends to choose a trader by personal recommendation. Avoid contracting a door to door trader, you just don’t know what you will get. Remember YOUR DOORSTEP YOUR CHOICE. Despite any sense of urgency from the trader or offer of a seemingly fabulous deal simply say “Leave me your details, I will speak to my family and get back to you if I want your services” if that special offer won’t wait then it’s not really a special offer! or 0345 4040506 - Traders checked out by Trading Standards. third party tested security products, the organisation is run by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd. - Master Locksmith Association accredited locksmiths owned by the Master Locksmith Association a source of finding tested and approved locks etc. with the appropriate level of security for your requirements. National Security Inspectorate and Security Systems and Alarms Inspectorate – Intruder alarm and CCTV accredited supplier and installers.

Well I hope that helps, but as said previously you can always ring the Police Non-Emergency number of 101, don’t forget in an emergency or witnessing a crime being committed dial 999.

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