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I’ve said in previous blog posts that this year was going to be a bit mental with house moving plans and so on and that I wouldn’t be able to spend much time on the website, because of the upheaval.

Well now I can add a further upheaval to my life as on Tuesday this week I became a Grandad for the very first time!  My Granddaughter is the most beautiful Granddaughter in the world (That’s official by the way) and Julia and I can’t see enough of her (we’re sort of keeping it to every other day at the moment).

But this fantastic news has raised an issue....

Because I author this website I’ve always tried my best to spell things correctly using UK English, but now I realise that after all these years being a plain Dad I struggled to work out how I should spell Grandad.  My research suggests that Grandad (in the UK) is an acceptable spelling, but the double ‘D’ version is also acceptable.  I rather suspect that historically we used to misspell Granddad so much that eventually the single ‘D’ became acceptable.  If you think about it, most of us say Gran – Dad with a silent first ‘D’ rather than Grand – Dad.  Incidentally, in the US it’s definitely a double ‘D’.   If this is so then I am surprised that Granddaughter with another silent first ‘D’ has stood the test of time and is still spelt with a double ‘D’. 

Anyway, having grappled with such important grammatical stuff and reached my spelling decision, which will be a single ‘D’ for Grandad and a double ‘D’ for Granddaughter I shall now have to return to house moving matters, which should reach a peak next week when we should have learned the results of the survey just conducted on our place.

By the way, as expected, Home Security Surveys conducted on this website have now become less frequent as people start to go off on their summer holidays.  Instead there is a surge in interest in my Holiday Security pages, which I’ve shown below for your convenience.

Holiday Security Checklist:

Safer Travel:

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