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I recently received the following press release from our friends in Essex Police.  It seems like the warm weather has led to an increase in theft from cars around Essex and I wouldn’t be surprised if this hasn’t occurred elsewhere.   So it is timely to mention the problem and to pass on Stephen Armson-Smith’s quick car parking tips to keep us safe from theft.

I think it’s worth adding here that the good weather can also provide the conditions for increased burglary as people start to leave windows open for some cool air.  Burglars will climb or reach through an open front window to steal from the front room while the occupiers are in the back enjoying the garden, so watch out for that too!

In the meantime here are Stephen’s tips:

When leaving your car make sure you:

  • Think about where you park and choose a safe place where people can see any activity.
  • If using a public car park try and use a police approved "Parkmark" car park .
  • Don't leave valuables on display in the car, i.e. Sat Nav's, cameras, expensive sunglasses, and money or designer clothes.
  • Don’t leave a bag on the seat, even if it only contains your gym stuff.  The thief does not know that until he has damaged your car to find out.
  • Clean the ring off the window left by the Sat Nav cradle or any other evidence of a removable electronic device being in the car.
  • Be aware of those around you when you park.  Is someone watching you hide something away?
  • Lock your car, and don't just rely on the remote.  Physically check that it has locked even when on your driveway.
  • Check your car is secure before you turn in of a night time in case a window was left open (it is also worth checking that someone has not left the interior light on as you don’t want to come out to a flat battery).
  • Far more detailed information to prevent thefts from cars can be found on this website  at this link.

Stephen Armson-Smith is the Crime Prevention Tactical Advisor for Braintree and Uttlesford Districts, Essex Police

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