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Since I’ve not been posting anything on here or on Twitter recently I thought it necessary to pop this message up on my news page to settle anyone’s fears in case you thought I had disappeared off the radar.  Actually I have somewhat disappeared, but not because of anything sinister.

I mentioned in an earlier post that Julia and I were hoping to move away from London this year.  Since then we’ve been tidying, emptying, sorting, throwing, keeping and selling stuff in readiness for the housing market.  Today that day arrived and the house is now up for sale.  Apparently it’s a MUST SEE house and in response I remarked to the estate agent that I bet he said that to all the houses!

Happily we have a place to move to in Devon, which means we can take our time selling and cut the stress associated with house buying and selling in half.  Once we’ve got to Devon we’ll be looking to buy in Cornwall.  All this is going to take time and how long it will take to sell is anyone’s guess.  It could be two months or eighteen months, so it’s a good thing we’re not in a rush. 

What this all means is that there will be times when I have less time to spend on my website.  Of course, once I’m settled I’ll be back on it again with vigour.  That all being said the crime prevention is packed full of useful information whether I’m posting on it or not, so do please carry on without me!

I’m Devon born and Devon bred (strong in the arm, thick in the head) and so for me it’s a move back home and something we always said we’d do when the time was right.  Wish me luck!!! 

Cheers all


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