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Around 150 Home Security Surveys have been carried out on this website during the past two weeks, mainly thanks to Councillor James Barber of East Dulwich (London) who periodically promotes the service.  Sixty-eight per cent of them have been conducted by residents in Dulwich and the rest are mainly from elsewhere in London, South Yorkshire and Hampshire.  London has featured strongly in the figures possibly because of the dreadful burglary in Hither Green a few days ago where a brave, elderly occupier was forced to defend himself by stabbing an intruder who had broken into his home. 

Although the outcome of the incident in Hither Green is rare it should nevertheless spur all of us on to take a second look at our security arrangements and maybe make some changes.

Just spend 15 minutes filling out my detailed questionnaire to find out what you’ll need to do to make your home secure.

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