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I can always work out what the weather has been like if I count up the number of Home Security Surveys carried out on this website over a few days.  If it’s been snowing or raining, or if the weather has simply been bitterly cold then the number of surveys conducted will fall, but if the sun has come out and people have been removing their jumpers then the surveys will have gone right up. 

Unfortunately the Easter weekend was wet, windy, cold and, for some, rather snowy and so I wasn’t at all surprised to see that the numbers of surveys completed were well down this year (when compared to previous better weather Easters).

Never mind, there’s always plenty of time to take our free and confidential survey to see how good or bad your home security is and actually you can sit in the warm while you’re doing it, so really the weather conditions don’t matter a jot.

The good thing about our Survey is that it isn’t just a simple checklist; anyone can prepare one of those!  Ours gives different questions for eight different types of dwellings:  From bungalows and semi-detached houses right through to apartments.  Nobody else does that!  You’re also sent a free security report, which is tailor made just for you.  I’m surprised nobody’s thought about doing that before!  And if that’s not enough the report points you towards loads of other pages on this website for the advice you will need to carry out the recommended improvements!  Go to the top of the class!!

So what are you waiting for?  Spring is upon us and there are security improvements to make.  Go on, have a go – you just know it makes sense!

Home Security Survey (For the discerning!)      

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