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It’s great when I receive an email from a satisfied customer who has found my website helpful and if I remember to do it I pop the message, or an extract from it, on my testimonials page; just so I can occasionally read through them to make myself feel good!  It’s a lonely life running this website sometimes.

Anyway, I digress.  The chap who contacted my was Sam and he was asking me about risks of burglary and so on and things like “if my house looks very secure is it showing the thief that I’ve got something worth stealing.”  I won’t tell you what I said here, but I will refer you to my website’s page about burglary risk, which answers all the questions Sam had to ask me and should dispel his fears.

That being said I should point out that a clear display of a good standard of domestic security – alarms boxes, CCTV cameras, locked gates etc - does not attract the thief, but does quite the opposite.

I’m happy to receive your emailed questions and I do my best to answer them within a couple of days.

Burglary risk – the facts!

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