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It’s really nice when I find out that a Neighbourhood Watch scheme has seen fit to place a link to my website from theirs.  It’s even better when I check out the said NHW website and find that it’s as good as this one!

The North Shropshire Neighbourhood and Farm Watch Association is a registered Charity of volunteers working together with the Emergency Services to make North Shropshire a safer place to live.

They are of all ages and backgrounds and welcome new schemes.  They say that it’s experience of life is all that is required.  Their schemes come in a variety of sizes from households in an entire estate, a village, two or three houses in a cul-de-sac, a group of farms covering a large area to a cluster of farms on a no through road.  It depends entirely on the area and what the people living there want.

They’re asking you to join them.  All it takes is a few neighbours be it in an urban area or a few farm neighbours in a rural area or a combination - it’s your choice!  Use the NHW Scheme Locations menu on their website to find your local scheme co-ordinator.

If you live in North Shropshire I hope you do!

Here’s a link to their site:

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