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The latest crime bulletin is out today.

Here are the headlines

  • Levels of crime have continued to fall consistently with the general trend since the mid-1990s, but not all offence types showed falls
  • However, police recorded crime has increased by 14%
  • The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) shows that many of the high-volume crimes, such as lower harm violent crime, criminal damage and most types of theft, were either estimated to be at levels similar to the previous year or to have fallen.
  • 8 in 10 adults surveyed by the Crime Survey were not a victim of any of the crimes asked about in the survey.
  • Other data sources including police data on the number of crimes recorded, show evidence of increases in some of the less frequently occurring, but higher-harm offences.
  • One of the largest contributions to the decline in estimated crime from the CSEW was in fraud and computer misuse offences, where the first year-on-year comparisons showed a fall of 15% (this does not cover fraud against businesses)
  • Police recorded crime showed continuing rises in a number of higher-harm violent offences that are not well-measured by the CSEW as they occur in relatively low volumes. This was most evident in offences of knife crime and gun crime; categories that are thought to be relatively well-recorded by the police. The occurrence of these offences tends to be disproportionately concentrated in London and other metropolitan areas.
  • Police figures also suggest rises in vehicle-related theft and burglary. These are offence types that are less likely to be affected by changes in policing activity and recording practice and are therefore likely to reflect some genuine increases. While these rises have not previously been reflected in the CSEW there are some signs that these increases in vehicle-related thefts may be beginning to appear in the latest estimates.


Whilst your chances of burglary are considerably lower than they were at the peak in the mid 1990s the huge falls in burglary seemed to have bottomed out.  This is why it is important to keep ahead of any future rises by adopting a sensible level of security for your home and garden.  With 22,000 fewer police officers since the peak in 2009 (144,353) there will be many forces that will struggle to provide you with fully comprehensive advice about how to secure your home – gone have the days of a Crime Prevention Officer in each and every force.  This is another reason to tell your friends and family to visit this site for just about all the home security advice they will ever need.   

If you would like to read the full crime bulletin please follow the link below

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