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As I write this short piece there are 15 people on my website reading a variety of pages about crime prevention solutions.  Four of them are on the Holiday Security page and I hope they’ll download the checklist and use it to make those final checks before getting into their cars or the taking the taxi to the airport.

Although there are lots of security things to do when you go away for a few days they all fall under two main categories.  The first category concerns itself with making your home secure, which will include a last minute check around the property to ensure that everything has been locked away and locked up.  For this to be effective you will, of course, have to have all the right locks in place and so for some of you this may entail a trip to the local DIY centre or maybe a phone call to a locksmith.  If you have an alarm, use it.  Make sure your keyholders are available to investigate any alarm activations. 

The second and equally important category involves doing things to make your place looked lived in.  This can include some or all of the following, which is by no means finite by the way:

  • Operate some internal lights using timers or smart plugs.  Have the lights come on and go off to reflect your normal routine activities as if you were at home. One of those ‘Fake TV’ lights is rather effective.
  • Have a neighbour move your car a couple of times when you’re away, but if you’ve taken it with you ask them to park one of theirs on your driveway
  • Cancel newspapers and ask your neighbour to pick up the mail each day, which is a lot easier if you use a wall-mounted letter box as opposed to a letterplate in the door

As you can see from the list above a good neighbour is a bonus and you can return the favour when they go away.

For my full list of things to do please go to my Holiday Security page and print off the checklist and while you’re there take a look at some of my other guidance concerning safer travel.

You know it makes sense.

Holiday Security Checklist  

Safer Travel Section

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