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Yesterday and today I’ve received a lot of referred visitors from this forum topic on the ‘Mumsnet’ website.  I get quite a lot of referrals from this site and I’m pleased about that, because if those involved in the discussion visit my pages then their confusion is usually cleared up (hopefully anyway).

This time the discussion is about a multi-point locking door and clearly the person starting the topic doesn’t know how to use it.  I can’t believe how common this confusion is and such is the problem that it has led to huge numbers of unnecessary burglaries.

Even if you think you know how to use your multi-point locking door can I urge you to visit this page on my website – just to check!  Also, please subtlety check that your friends, relatives and neighbours are using theirs properly too.

Multi-locking doorsets, especially those certificated to PAS 24 2106, provide a pretty decent level of security, but only if they’re used correctly.  

Use your multi-point locking door properly

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