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This is the latest information from Essex police concerning an increase in the theft from commercial vans.  As this problem is countrywide I thought it would be useful to publish their information on this website.

This from Stephen Armson-Smith, the police crime prevention expert from Braintree Essex.

Vans have been entered and tools have been removed. If you own or know a neighbour, friend or workmate who owns a van make them aware. Think about security. If you have tools on board think about removing them overnight if possible and add signage to your vehicle to indicate you have done so. Also make a point of property marking your equipment both overtly and covertly.

Please also take on board the following advice:

  • Don’t tempt thieves by leaving items on display in the vehicle.

  • Do clean the Sat-Nav ringoff the windscreen.

  • Do turn Blue-tooth offanything left in the vehicle – it can be detected when on.

  • Do lock your vehicle at all times, close windows, and set the alarm, even when parked on your driveway or when carrying out any work.

  • Do park rear doors on vansup against garage doors or other vehicles to prevent access where possible.

  • Do not just press the button on your fob to lock it –Look at your vehcile to see the lights flash etc to confirm locking.  Someone could be nearby with a “remote blocker” to stop your car from locking.

  • Do try to park in a secure, well lit area where possible. If parking at a hotel try and park within view of the reception, CCTV cameras or your room.

  • Do mark tools and property visiblywith your postcode and house number, and consider products such as CRE Mark, Selecta DNA and Smart Water.

  • Do register serial numbers of your property on  This is a free service. Please visit the website for more information.

  • Do consider having additional security door locks fitted.  They make it harder for the thief and are a great visual deterrent.

  • Do consider having a safe box secured within the vehicle and keep it locked.

  • Do considera PIR alarm that calls you on the mobile phone when activated.  Intended for sheds, but works just as well in a van.

  • Do use a “Parkmark” approved car park if having to use a public car park.

Empty your car before someone else does!

Further information about vehicle crime is available here on this website

For further crime prevention advice in Essex see  or dial 101 and ask for your local Crime Prevention Officer. If you know who is committing crime call 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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