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Of the fifty-eight home security surveys thus far conducted on this website since  the first day of January 2018 twenty-eight of them have been for properties located in Northern Ireland.  Try as I might I cannot find the original recommendation/message that has spurred on this unexpected surge, but I am very grateful to whoever that was.  I suspect it was a local policing team, because that was the source the last time my website had a large number of visitors from Northern Ireland. 

It’s a shame that in the five and a half years I’ve been operating this website I have never had a formal link with a website in the region, so if anybody sees this and would like to become a partner then do please get in touch!

In the meantime it’s clear that lots of people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland are already gearing themselves up to make some home security improvements this year and this website is here to help you.

Burglaries, and thefts from around the home, have that uncanny habit of occurring when they are least expected.  So don’t get caught out.  Expect the unexpected and be prepared by taking fifteen minutes or so to complete our survey.  It’s free and anonymous and after you’ve completed it you’ll be sent a tailor-made security report for your home.  Should you decide to download a copy of the report to your own computer let me assure you that your email address will never be used again for any other purpose.  The 7,218 survey respondents so far have given it a 98% satisfaction rate, so give it a go!

After all, what have you got to lose!  

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