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After a long absence of leave from the website over Christmas and the New Year I am at last back at the desk and penning this first of many blogs to be posted throughout 2018.  I sincerely hope you all had a great time over the festive season and I wish you my very best wishes for 2018.

It is quite interesting to look back at the activity on the crime prevention website for the Christmas period and it’s also very pleasant to see that a number of you have clearly taken my challenge to make 2018 the year that you really did take action to secure your home.  I know this because of an upsurge in Home Security Surveys conducted and the fact that my page about ‘getting started on home security’ has been the most visited page on the site this week.

It’s good to see people starting to plan their home security and indeed it really is a ‘plan’ that is necessary to ensure that you do the right things in the right places and do them in the right order.

You can read my simple plan here and I would urge any of you who operate a Neighbourhood Watch website to copy this message (or at least place the link to it) onto your own sites.  I spent many years in police crime prevention and so I have a pretty good hand on what you should look out for and what works.

Even if your home is already well secured I know that hundreds of thousands of you will be planning some home improvements for 2018.  If this is you then do please remember that this might be a good time to incorporate some additional security.  This is especially true if you’re planning to replace doors and windows or are building an extension.  Likewise, improvements to the garden suggest possibilities for better security for the fences, the gates and the outbuildings.   

There was a lot of activity from the area covered by South Yorkshire Police over the Christmas period, so if anyone can let me know why that was I would be very pleased to hear from you.  Likewise the Hampshire area was busy too, so maybe someone mentioned my website to some group meeting?  I’d love to know!

Anyway, I must now return to my own plans for 2018, which is to move house.  What a scary thought!

Stay safe


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