The Crime Prevention Website

I am always fascinated by the seasonal interest people show in my website. 

Right about now between five and ten people a day will be completing our Home Security Survey.  I reckon they’re doing it for two main reasons.  The first is obvious and that’s our innate fear of the dark; something left over from our cave dwelling days, no doubt.  I can see it quite clearly in the website’s data.  As soon as those clocks go back an hour in the autumn, so the surveys begin to pick up.  They stay at the same level right up to Xmas and then start again in the New Year.  We even have a few surveys done on Xmas day!

The second reason, although connected, is perhaps not as obvious, but I reckon it’s to do with all the new stuff we’ve treated ourselves to over Xmas.  You know the sort of things:  The new flat screen TV; maybe some jewellery, or perhaps a new smartphone or a tablet.  It suddenly dawns on us that we’ve become more vulnerable to theft, because we’ve got some new stuff to steal and the thieves can operate under the cover of darkness.

I’m glad this happens with regularity, because it brings people to my website where they’ll learn just how vulnerable they really are!

However, they’re doing the right thing; they’re getting independent advice from a crime prevention website that cares!

Not done the survey?  Go on, give it a go.  After all, what have you got to lose?

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